Automation Systems

SCLAVOS offers fully intergraded automation package for Dyehouses equipped with SCLAVOS machines.

SCLAVOS uses high end controllers from top manufacturers.

Automation software for these controllers is fully developed by SCLAVOS software Engineers in order to serve SCLAVOS technology requirements.

SCLAVOS technical team can implement along with Dyeing machines, full package of Controllers – Central monitoring system – Recipe system.

Full after sales service could be offered from SCLAVOS Service department, so customer has a single contact point for above package support.

Monitoring & Management Reports

Sedomat SCLAVOS Controller Brochure

SedoMaster Central Monitoring System (English)

ColorMaster Brochure (English)

Dry Salt Dosing (DSD)

Dry Salt Dosing (DSD) is a new SCLAVOS apparatus, which can be linked to Athena3A Dyeing Machine and handle transfer of dry salt during the dyeing process.Dry Salt Dosing

Conventional methods of handling salt transfer use machine’s additions tank for diluting salt in fresh water and then transfer the dilution into the machine or stock tank.

However this is a painful and time consuming job. Additionally in many cases fresh water use increases liquor ratio.

Dry Salt Dosing (DSD) is equipped with a separate hopper, which reserves full quantity of dry salt for specific batch. This salt quantity can be transferred or dosed automatically at any linear rate up to 50 kgs/min.


  • Fast self transfer
  • No need for fresh water use
  • No operator's involvement

Dry Salt Dosing Brochure

Heat Recovery System (SHR Dyn)

Heat Recovery System (SHR Dyn) is the new SCLAVOS heat recovery system, which recovers energy from Dyeing Machine’s hot effluent.Heat Recovery System (SHR Dyn)


  • Energy saving up to 40%
  • No energy losses from external pipe network
  • No need for any special infrastructure or space in the factory
  • Low effluent temperature increases efficiency of Effluent Treatment Plant

Heat Recovery System (SHR Dyn) Brochure