Kahatex – SCLAVOS
Long Term Partnership


P.T. KAHATEX is the largest textile group in Indonesia.
The company is fully integrated from fiber spinning mill to fabric, also manufacturing garments for many multinational companies.
Dyeing and finishing units of the company are considered the most critical part of fabric manufacturing chain, being the main area where quality is maximized and environment is affected.
This is the reason the company is investing constantly, targeting to become one of the most modern and environmentally friendly textile industries in Asia.
For accomplishing this target, the company decided to invest in most modern fabric dyeing machines Athena series from SCLAVOS, the world technology leader in manufacturing fabric dyeing machines for knits.
Thus since 2010, Athena2 & 3 model machines of total capacity 45tns per day have been gradually installed in the plant.
Through such investment, water consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced drastically every year and quality of fabric meets the most demanding requirements.
Management of KAHATEX plan is to replace most of existing dyeing and finishing machines to modern high technology ones, within next 3 years.


PT. Kahatex